Welcome to the music factory
Reinventing the way to create music
Welcome to the music factory
Reinventing the way to create music
Colector Music Group is a branch of Colector Somnis Group dedicated to music creation, from its production to its distribution
Our studio
A recording studio with above current market standards of music technology, and quality recording methods.

One of the few recording studios in the world that can record with NEVE, SSL and API at the same time, some of the greatest music "colors".
The art of differentiating and taking care of every detail
Individualized and focused attention is given to each project. Our own lines of music has been created in order to be able to offer unique musical compositions to the public as well as to music and entertainment industries. These record labels and registered trademarks have as a mission to achieve worldwide diffusion of the artists and creators.
  • The main label, where you can find our most important stars and musical icons.
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  • Label that seeks to publicize and spread the work of new artists of many different styles through song catalogs, festivals, and concerts.
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  • Electronic music label. A project to spread music through cutting-edge technology and digital formats.
Colector Productions takes care of the creation of our artistic material and ensures that it takes the appropriate form before going out to the current music market. Our services include musical composition and production, both for the Colector Publishing, and for artists, companies or external entities.
Be part of our talented team of songwriters, producers and musicians.
Colector Publishing offers personalized musical and legal services, with an extensive musical catalogue.
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